Predicting the Future of News

In looking back at each of the predictions on the future of news, it was very impressive to see how much they were able to predict despite being years away from the technology. In the KRON report, the story was detailing an early version of the e-paper despite not having the internet that we have today. What they did get wrong was that they predicted that print newspapers would become a thing of the past in “a few years”. Today, news is still circulated via print and I think there is a small, but strong contingent that enjoys getting their news in print. From this, I gathered that while print news may be a slowly dying industry, it has survived a lot longer than people expected.

The Knight Ridder video, which explored the Tablet newspaper in 1994, was even more impressive to me. Roger Fidler and his team predicted the iPad more than 15 years prior to its introduction into the market. They correctly thought that the tablet would be used as a portable way to get news. The one thing that they predicted that still hasn’t been fully implemented, was the idea of highlights and videos embedded into the news page. This is a great concept, but still has not fully been exploited. Additionally, they overestimated the interactive advertisement portion of the tablet.

The EPIC 2015 video was able to also predict a few things, but also was off on a number of its predictions. First, the Google/Amazon merge didn’t ever take place, but Amazon did get involved with news in a different way, with their founder Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post. Also, their prediction of newspapers being completely wiped out by 2014 did not come true as newspapers are still in existence and doing high-level work. The part at the end of the video did get right how social networking has influenced reporting, through interaction with normal people to spread news through a simple medium. Through this primative-social network example give, it showed me how important those sites can be to informing people of everyday happenings


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