10 Twitter Must-Follows on the Sports Media Beat

On the sports media beat, there are plenty of great sources for information when it comes to Boston’s sports coverage. Here are my 10 must-follows for the beat:

  1. Chad Finn– Finn is the Globe’s sports media columnist and is very active user of Twitter. His weekly media column in the Globe is a must-read and he is very plugged in to the Boston sports media scene. One reserve with Finn is that he is a Globe employee, making it seldom that he would bash his colleagues.
  2. Bruce Allen– Allen was the author of Boston Sports Media Watch, an independently run blog with no agenda and free to bash any organizations. However, he has stopped blogging, but is still active on Twitter and another great media source for criticism.
  3. Richard Deitsch– Deitsch is the de facto National sports media watchdog that works for Sports Illustrated. He writes a weekly column and with Boston being the most sports-crazed city, he’ll often delve into Boston’s headlines.
  4. WEEI– One of Boston’s two sports radio stations that receives a large listenership across New England. It is a great follow because they will often post their newsworthy audio clips to listen to after the fact and articles from their website.
  5. 98.5 The Sports Hub– The other Boston sports radio station, which consistently rates higher than WEEI in the 25-54 men’s demographic. Like WEEI, they post great articles and clips from their shows.
  6. CSNNE– Posts TV clips and articles from their website, great source for Patriots and Celtics coverage. Numerous “hot-takers” get airtime at CSNNE like Mike Felger and Gary Tanguay.
  7. Barstool Sports– Started as just a Boston blog, but since then Barstool has made it mainstream, featuring a Comedy Central show during Super Bowl week and the top-rated sports podcast, Pardon My Take. Must follow for many reason, but ultimately they pride themselves as being the point of view from the “common man”.
  8. Kirk Minihane– Each station has its own master provocateur, 98.5’s being Felger (not on Twitter) and WEEI’s being Minihane. Minihane, a blunt host of the morning show at WEEI, doesn’t shy away from media gossip and often finds himself getting into trouble, making him a great tweeter when he’s active.
  9.  ESPN– The mothership of sports. A great follow for all sports news with a focus often on Boston’s successful teams.
  10. Scott Zolak– Zolak, or Zo to his faithful fans, is a former Patriots QB who now works as the color analyst for the radio broadcast and a host of 98.5’s midday show. Zo is known for being loud and enthusiastic, but also isn’t afraid to call out ESPN. Zo has become somewhat of a folk-hero in Boston and you’d be hard pressed to find someone that hates him.

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