Northeastern tops Towson, 69-62

The Northeastern basketball game was pretty interesting to cover from a live-tweeting perspective. Having live-tweeted for games I covered for The Patriot Ledger before, this experience was much easier for me than covering a high school game. The main difference was that in college games, they have media timeouts every four minutes, making it a perfect time to tweet and check the stats and get a break. Also, not having to write an accompanying story on deadline made it easier. For my tweets, I was trying to provide updates on what was happening during each phase of the game and document how the game flowed.

One positive I see from live-tweeting an event is that people can get instant updates on how something is going if they are not there or near a TV. Particularly in high school sports, people love live-tweeted events because they are not televised and they can follow the games if they did not make it to the game. Additionally, people can interact with you via Twitter if they have any questions about something going on.

On the negative side, some people may feel that events can be over-tweeted and people can saturate the Twitter feed with unnecessary information. That is why when I tweet for events, I am mindful of my audience for the event. If it is a non-televised smaller event, I will provide more periodic updates because I am the only source of the live news. If it is something like the Northeastern game, I will only update every so often because there are other ways for people to get the updates about higher-level athletics.


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