Entercom-CBS Radio Merger Creates Interesting Questions for Boston Sports Radio

It was announced this past week that CBS Radio and Entercom would join forces in a merger to become the second-largest radio group in the country. These mergers happen all the time in the business sector, but this one in particular caught my eye due to an interesting situation that could play out in Boston. Currently, the two sports radio rivals, WEEI and 98.5 The Sports Hub are owned by Entercom and CBS Radio, respectively. This merger would put these bitter rivals under the same roof on the business side of things, which could prompt some changes.

The Globe and the Herald each had their own takes on what this will mean for the two stations looking forward. Ultimately, from what I have seen, it looks like nothing will change in the immediate future from an on-air perspective. The two stations get massive ratings in this sports-hungry area and it would not make sense from a business perspective to chop a massive revenue market. I do wonder if any content will change, particularly toning down the feud between the stations because of the new partnership. It could be interesting if high-level executives start meddling with the programming and try to make the stations work together. I don’t see this happening and I think it would be a bad idea, but you never know with mergers like this. Let’s hope we don’t see any content change and this spurs an even more intense rivalry, like a sibling rivalry, now that they are under the same roof.


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