Taking a Look at the Notable Calls for James White’s Super Bowl Winning TD

When looking back at the New England Patriots’ historic Super Bowl win, one thing I like to do is check out some of the notable calls from each of the big TV/Radio broadcasts. Deadspin posted a video with all of the major calls by the networks here.

Joe Buck (Fox)- For some reason unbeknownst to me, Buck gets a bad rap as an announcer. Possibly because his father held the same role and people may feel he is a product of nepotistic practices, but I think Buck has the quintessential “big-game voice”. His call here is beautifully executed, he makes his call with enthusiasm and passion and promptly gets out of the way and lets the crowds cheers tell the story. A great couple of months for Buck and Fox as they were fresh off of calling the Cubs’ historic World Series title and got the greatest Super Bowl, dare I say ever.

Bob Socci (Patriots Radio Network)- Exactly what you would want from the “homer” broadcast, from color analyst Scott Zolak’s shouting in the background in his unabashed support of the team to a great call from Socci. Although it is radio, I would have liked Socci to let the moment breathe a little bit and get the crowd noise or at least not cut off Zolak.

Wes Durham (Falcons Radio)- Not much you can say as the team broadcaster after a comeback of that proportion, but I think Durham all-in-all handled his call pretty well. I think he got the tenor of the moment for Falcons fans while also capturing some of the excitement heard on the other sideline.

Kevin Harlan (Westwood One)- Another “big-game voice” Harlan arguably has the best call of the bunch. He is definitive with his statements and captures the excitement of the moment with his own voice. No complaints on this call.



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