Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I want to take a look at the rise of Barstool Sports as a media group in the specific lens of their Boston-based sports writers, which they have for each team. Each of their current sports bloggers (Jared Carrabis, Red Sox; Jerry Thornton, Patriots; Dan Greenberg or Greenie, Celtics and Rear Admiral, Bruins) have been able to parlay their work on Barstool into occasional gigs with the local sports radio and TV stations. I have reached out to a couple of them today to see if I could get interviews, but the main premise of the story would be the rise in prominence of these writers thanks to their platform on Barstool and how it has grown since they’ve joined.

In hoping to get access to these interviews, I think my accompanying video piece could hopefully be one of the personalities if I can meet up in person. If not, my back-up plan would be finding out how fans of the teams prefer to get their news, via new sites or via blogs/social media/etc and get their thoughts on Barstool as a source of news.

My photo story is what I am struggling with, since I am not sure what else there would be to photograph about their particular jobs as bloggers as they work from home. I am looking forward to getting some input from others for ideas about the photo story because I believe the video and written portion have an opportunity to be very good, but the photo story may be tough to relate back.






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