Presentation on Boston Sports Media

For my blog beat, I mainly use two sources of information if I am struggling to find a topic to write about. Since I am very plugged in, I normally have a story I want to target, but this is another way for me to find sources for blog posts.

First, I look at the most prominent national media critic, Richard Deitsch, and see what the big national stories are in his weekly column and on his Twitter feed. Deitsch is usually very on top of things and even will occasionally feature some Boston-based content that would be useful for me.

On a more local level, Chad Finn, the Globe’s sports media columnist, is my go-to if I can’t find any leads. Since Finn just focuses on Boston, he is very in-tune with what is going on with personalities and not shy in interacting on Twitter. His weekly columns are also great for my beat, especially since he does reporting that pertains specifically to Boston.  The one problem with Finn is that he often stays away from Globe affairs, so if anything happens with a Globe sportswriter, Finn will not usually touch it.

Obviously, SI has a large page view number, but it is not as interesting as a look at, which used to be an independently-run blog about the media in Boston. I was planning to use it as main source, but in October, the editor pulled back from writing about the media and it became a Patriots-only blog. Since then, the pageviews have declined from 25,000 to 6,000 as the site has clearly lost its luster.


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