The Boston Sports Media Beat

In a sports-crazed city like Boston, there is no shortage of media coverage coming from a wide range of platforms. With four professional sports teams, two influential newspapers, two sports-only TV stations, two highly-successful sports talk radio stations and other blogs and freelance writers, the city of Boston has one of the strongest sports media presences in the country. There are so many personalities and styles in the market that it makes it a fascinating scene to look at. For this blog, I want to work to identify how the cream rises to the top in Boston sports media. I want to identify what works and what doesn’t work in gaining the eyes and the ears of a typical Boston sports. From years of my experience as a fan, it seems that the personality taking the contrarian viewpoint often becomes the most read and most talked about personality in the city. Despite the negative backlash these personalities occasionally will get, the numbers don’t lie and neither do their paychecks.

As I mentioned above, I have some clear-cut news outlets to follow for my blog, The Boston Globe and Herald, NESN, CSNNE, WEEI and 98.5 The Sports Hub. Particularly within that group, Chad Finn at the Globe is the sports media columnist and is very well informed about all sports media happenings. Bruce Allen, a local and independent “media watchdog” is a great Twitter follow for this beat. Nationally, SI’s Richard Deitsch will occasionally delve into Boston topics in his weekly media column. Of course, Barstool Sports also plays a role in the Boston sports media landscape and has legitimized itself over the past year with great sports-specific writers (Carrabis, Jerry Thornton), albeit coming from a much different background that the traditional sports outlets. I am excited to get started with never a dull moment in Boston sports and sports media.